Karlsruher SC: Oliver Kreuzer and the KSC are relaxed

Lately, it seems like the Karlsruhe SC have been stuck in a bit of a rut. Seven competitive games without a single win is enough to put any team on edge. But despite this lackluster performance, Oliver Freezer and the KSC remain optimistic that they can turn things around – and in this article, we’ll explore just how they plan to do it.

Oliver Freezer is calm.
Karlsruhe SC failed from the relegation zone in the last few weeks before the World Cup in the last couple of weeks before the World Cup, Karlsruhe’s sports director needs to be vigilant-in busy pace.

Either receives backing

I’m already relaxed, says Freezer in an interview with the German press company, there is no thought of the third department.
And therefore there is no doubt about Christian Either.
Karlsruhe’s coach, in office for almost three years, is still fitting great with this team and this club.
Obviously, it is also, according to Freezer with a view of the general location: If you look at the table, the antenna should remain prolonged.


In mid-October, the Karlsruhe world looked entirely different.
The Banners had 17 points on the account, were in 6th location and were even able to rest on the promo transfer place with one eye.
After the 2-1 in Bielefeld-Fong days earlier, the KSC had 3-0 against 1. FC Nürnberg-goods won completely different questions.
If he is supposed to call the most significant Karlsruhe issues, now Freezer is especially slamming the inadequate performance in front of the opposing objective and the insufficient defense.
We play out with the most chances, but our conclusion is frequently bad, says the 57-year-old and describes the defense work as in some cases actually catastrophic
In this location in particular, the group needs to increase significantly if it continues the last weekend in January with a house video game against SC Paderborn.
30 goals in 17 video games are far excessive, says Freezer, we are now putting on the lever in preparation. When you have seen at the World Cup, how the Argentinians safeguard their life with their life.