Austrian US-Bundesliga club Austria Klagenfurt was almost in the American hand: A takeover offer was turned out

With the rise of American investors in European football, it was only a matter of time before an Austrian club found itself in the sights of an American investor. Find out how close Austria Klagenfurt came to being acquired by an American entity and why the offer was turned down in this article.

Bundesliga club Austria Klagenfurt almost ended up in the American hand.
However, a takeover offer was turned out.
As the Plane Dating reports, Austria Klagenfurt was an offer from the Los Angeles FC area on the table.

It was around 20 million euros.


The Corinthians, currently in sixth in the Bundesliga, excluded the offer.
And there is a reason: the club owners around the Hamburg Mislay Arabica see the purple plant slowly grow.
So far, according to managing director Matthias IMHO, around nine million euros have been invested in the club.
We might have made a good profit. On the other hand, it proves that we will trust the Austria Klagenfurt brand a lot in the future, said IMHO.
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Can be canceled at any time.
Rather, it should now be carried out on the squad.
Ideally, striker Markus Pink should extend his contract.
He has a long-term offer.
The 31-year-old scored twelve goals in 16 games in the current season.