Manuel Neuers Ski Accident: Looking Back On Six Months Of Recovery After The World Cup Dream Ended

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer lets the aggravation over the squandered World Cup in Qatar out of skiing-with fatal consequences.
The captain of FC Bayern and the nationwide soccer group fell and seriously break.
He fails for half a year or longer.


The record champion reacts on the transfer market and signs Yann Summer by Borussia Mönchengladbach as a replacement.
National coach Hansi Flick also has to fret about how he makes up for the failure of his top.
Is now the hour of Marc-André TER Steven, the everlasting challenger?
Or does the fitness instructor put on the form-strong Frankfurt Kevin Trap?
Obviously I have the goal of being number one in the national team. I have currently stated that for years, says TER Steven in a special interview with RTL/NTV.
He continued: However that does not indicate that you can no longer be loyal, your associate. Trap plays an impressive season and I have a big response to what it does. We comprehend each other, we both probably have the exact same thing
In a reasonable competitor, the keeper of FC Barcelona sees itself in the pole position.
The most important thing for everybody is to stay healthy. As long as I bring my efficiency, I have perfect opportunities of getting my minutes and being number one.
But the decision is not in his hand: I am only the one who can recommend playing about games at the moment.

TER Steven speaks of considerate handling of DFB rivals

TER Steven has terrific confidence in the decision-making procedure of the nationwide coach.
It’s about performance. I will decide as easy as possible by working out in the next couple of weeks.
TER Steven is especially pleased with the considerate interaction with each other.
I think we have excellent communication.
He had contact with his excellent competitor Never after his severe mishap.
We composed briefly, I wished him a quick recovery and I hope that he will return as quickly as possible, says TER Steven and offers insights into the relationship between the 2 rivals: We just had a great relationship, so it is definitely a shame
what happened. Just the very best for him and for the future.
TER Steven does not desire to evaluate the recklessness of Never.
I don’t know what is in other contracts. I do not desire to talk about it either. In my contract there are things, specifically the severe s that I shouldn’t do.
At the age of 30, TER Steven is currently in the very best football age, however also at an age when you stress over what the method on the career targets might appear like.
I have 2 and a half years of agreement here, I more than happy here, my family is also happy here. As long as we are on the best track, as long as the success is there, I remain in the ideal location. From my personal identity, however also from the
of FC Barcelona.
Returning to the old homeland of Germany is always an alternative.
Perhaps even his youth club Borussia Mönchengladbach?
Roland Virus (s director, note. D. Red.) And I had a special connection with each other. Whether Playback still wants me at 40 is another question. We are constantly in exchange. Russia is constantly something special.

One of the couple of groups where I would constantly listen to if there was interest.

In my agreement there are things, particularly the severe s that I shouldn’t do.
I have 2 and a half years of contract here, I am happy here, my household is likewise pleased here. As long as we are on the best track, as long as the success is there, I am in the best place. From my personal identity, but also from the
Russia is always something unique.