The Last Of Us vs. The Series: Which Is Better And Why?

For a very good reason, fans or video games one of us, or the adaptation of the television series, or both of them go to social networks in the evening to tell everyone who will listen, about the last episode of one of their favorite stories.
Despite the fact that they tell the same story, since they are different mediums, they naturally tell the story a little differently.
Here are all the differences between The last of us and the series.

What is the difference between The last of us and the series?

Some differences are direct changes in the adaptation of video games to television shows, while others are more likely an expansion of what has already been established.
A small warning: we streamlined these differences in the order of television series.
The further you go on the list, the more likely you will come across spoilers.

disputes and tentacles

One of the first differences between the two versions was revealed before the air of the first episode of the television show.
In the game, the pandemic infection spreads with fungal disputes, which makes the agent transferred through the air.
In the game there were frequent stages at which Joel had to wear a mask to prevent infection.
In the series, this was changed so that the actors did not have to wear a mask, which would prevent them from transmitting history with the help of facial expressions.
Instead, Codices spreads only in contact and creates terrible antennae, which connect all those infected with satisfactory terrible way.

when there was a codices pandemic

In the video game, the codices pandemic burst out in 2013, around the same year when the game was released.

Most of the game then took place in the post-apocalyptic version of 2033.
In the series it was shifted.
The codices pandemic burst out in 2003, transferring most of the events of history to 2023.
Presumably, this change will help the viewer feel closer to the events and ask: What if it really could happen to us?

members of Fedora are also people

One of the natural advantages of adaptation of the television show is more time to reveal the characters and their motives.


In the video game, Fedora is a simpler antagonistic organization.
The series can more open their motives, especially ordinary members.
A demonstration of a reaction to situations such as the appearance of an infected child at the QC gate or the capture of the drug dealer beyond its borders, humanize them, even if their reactions to these situations seem disgusting.

The role of Bill in the story

In the game you are faced with Bill, surviving, living in your own house in Lincoln.
The gameplay is mainly focused on avoiding traps in its protective area.
You can briefly find out about his partner Frank, who has already died by the time you meet Bill.
In the series, the relations of Bill and Frank are revealed throughout the episode, which was highly appreciated on social networks.
Here again, the natural focus of television-adaptation on the disclosure of the characters and their relationship, and not on the player’s immersion in experience, plays in hand here.
Another big change: Bill is dead by the time Joel and Ellie get to Lincoln in the series.
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