How To Upgrade Your Suit In Dead Space Remake: Get Ready For The Terrible Monsters!

Dead Area Remake’s horrible beasts have a powerful blow, and without the ideal upgrades, it is a fantastic threat to represent them.
They do not make fit upgrades invincible, however they increase their ability to make it through by increasing their damage resistance.
Here are the locations for all fit upgrades throughout the video game, so we begin without further ado.

All places for Dead Area Remake Match Upgrades

Chapter 1 (newbies).

Subject 2-You can purchase it in the shop for 10,000 credits.
You can find the store by taking the elevator and if you do not have the essential credits, you must think about selling your inventory.

Chapter 5 (lethal devotion).

Assistance level 3-You can purchase it in the store for 20,000 credits.
For the upgrade, nevertheless, you need the building and construction strategies of the Intermediate Engineer Rig.


Chapter 7 (in the emptiness).

Subject 4-You can buy it in the store for 35,000 credits.

It also needs the strategies of the intermediate engineer rig for the upgrade.
Another shop can be found in Deck C: Mining (floor 4), extraction location.

Chapter 10 (end of the days).

Subject 5-You can purchase it in the shop for 60,000 credits.
You require the Advanced Engineering RIG circuit prepare for the upgrade.