5: Get The Mailed Flower Claymore, Ascension Materials & Stats

With Genshin Impact 3.5, a new four-star Claymore weapon called The Mailed Flower has joined the game weapons group.
It was announced for the first time during the live-eighth transmission 3.5, and it was officially confirmed that travelers can unlock it without spending a penny in Genshin Impact version 3.5.
This guide provides everything you need to know about Genshin Impact For sent by mail before unlocking it.

How to receive flowers by mail in Genshin Impact

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MAILED FLOWER is a free weapon that can be unlocked participating in the Windblumes Breath event.
The event begins on March 3 and will continue until March 20.
Travelers with at least Adventure Rank 18 can participate in this event once available.

Windblumes Breath offers three types of game: Ballads of Breeze, Floral Pursuit and Breezy Snapshots.
Players can unlock Mailed Flower by completing the challenges in the second stage of the event, that is, Floral Pursuit.
During the game Floral Pursuit, players can participate in Floral Chess, a new game developed by Ronstadt Adventurers Guild.
The goal is to collect Bloom Balloons continuously, increasing the player’s score on stage and completing the corresponding challenge.

Flower statistics sent by mail and passive ability

Here are the statistics of the Genshin Impact flower sent by mail:
Family: Weapon, Claymore
ATQ: 44
Basic substitute: 24
Secondary statistics levels: 9%-41.3%
Skills (wind and flower whispers): Within 8 seconds after the character’s elementary ability hits an opponent or the character activates an elementary reaction, their ATK and elementary mastery will increase by 12% and 48 respectively.

Weapons Ascension Materials

  • Level 20: X3 Grilles of the gladiator tooth of León, X3 Discarded shell, X2 Spectral shell, 5,000 Morey
  • Level 40: X3 Chains of the gladiator tooth of Leo X3, X12 Discarded shell, X8 Spectral shell, 15,000 Morey
  • Level 50: x6 chains of the gladiator tooth of León, x6 robust shell, x6 spectral heart, 20,000 Morey
  • Level 60: X3 Grilles of the gladiator tooth of León, X12 robust shell, X9 Spectral Heart, 30,000 Morey
  • Level 70: X6 Grilles of the gladiator tooth of León, X9 marked shell, x6 spectral nucleus, 35,000 Morey
  • Level 80: X4 Dream of the gladiator tooth of León, X18 marked shell, X12 Spectral Core, 45,000 Morey

Is it worth unlocking the flower sent by mail?

MAILED FLOWER is an excellent weapon for Claymore characters, especially for those who depend on elementary reactions.
It is an ideal option for F2P and low expense, considering that it is a free four-star weapon.
The passive of Mailed Flower complements its statistics, so it is an ideal option for some characters.


However, it may not be the best option for equipment with support characters.
If you want to unlock all the potential of MAILED FLOWER, be sure to gather the necessary ascension materials and update them at the maximum level.
That is all you need to know about the Genshin Impact flower weapon sent by mail.
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