Eintracht Frankfurt and Oliver Glasner: Negotiations for Contract Extension Underway

Oliver Glaser’s agreement at Eintracht Frankfurt only runs up until summer 2024. Negotiations on an extension of the cooperation are ongoing.
Currently, new information and also numbers for the contract poker of the effective fitness instructor have actually been dripped through.
What’s next with Oliver Glaser?
This question presently has numerous followers and also over all the club bosses of Eintracht Frankfurt.
According to FAZ, the reigning winner of the Europa League is said to have actually currently sent a very first offer to prolong the agreement that has up until now been dated up until 2024.
Nonetheless, the image records that a timely arrangement is not to be anticipated.
Although the Frankfurt bosses Glaser would offer a massive wage boost from 2.1 to 3 million euros each year, approval would not be specific.
The Austrian is claimed to have actually asked for a number of weeks before he wants to choose on expansion by 2026, it is claimed.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Glaser demands reinforcements

To this end, the salary ought to not be the only aspect where Glaser’s whereabouts depends on the main metropolitan area.
The boulevard newspaper wants to have actually learned that the 48-year-old can picture further teamwork, but originally wanted to wait for the development in the squad of Contract.
According to Build, the former instructor of VFL Wolfsburg requires two new professionals for defense.
The Bundesliga club must likewise include more for the offensive.

There are particularly supports that can cause more speed.
If those in charge of the Hesse do not meet these cases, Glaser will certainly not extend his agreement, it is claimed.


Glaser certainly does not do not have deals: his successful operate at Eintracht Frankfurt is claimed to have aroused the passion of some top clubs.
Glaser is specifically in demand in the Premier Organization, as was recently reported in various media.