MSV Duisburg and Rot-Weiss Essen Climb Away from Relegation Zone in 3rd Division

the msv duisburg and also Rot-Weiss Essen remained to work out from the transfer area in the third department.

The zebras defeated newbies CFB Oldenburg with 3: 2 (3: 1) as well as have 33 factors as dwellers.
Julian Better (20./ 23.) And Rolf Fletcher (40th) accomplished the MSV objectives.


Manfred Stake (26th) and Patrick Hasenhüttl (87th) fulfilled for CFB, who took up the penultimate location with 21 factors.
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The ex-Bundesliga club Essen won 2-0 (0-0) in the advertised duel versus Sprig Bayreuth and currently has 32 points in the account.
Felix Herzbruch (61.) and also Bjorn Other (68th) scored the goals for success for WE.
There are 25 points for Bayreuth in 15th place.