m.).Fenerbahce Istanbul to Play Away Game in Kayseri without Fans despite Government Criticism

Fenerbahçe Istanbul, presently second in the table in Turkey, will most likely have to do without the support of your very own fans in the away game at KaySerispor next Saturday (5 p.m.).
As the club announced on Tuesday, its supporters were left out from the guest appearance at the Super seventh on Saturday, citing a choice by the Safety Council of the District of Kaiser.

The Istanbul slammed the choice in a declaration on their website: As a Fenerbahçe sports club, we can not approve this decision.
As Fenerbahçe better clarified, the exclusion is an unusual choice that has absolutely nothing to do with the stylish only deepens the social gap in the country.
The countless fans of the table runners-up would be held from sustaining their team.
The fan lock is used to punish the club.
Fenerbahçe asked for a statement by the authorities who should reconsider as well as take out the decision from the club’s perspective.

not only from the Fenerbahçe supporters comes criticism

In the house game against Konyaspor on Saturday, which the hosts won 4-0, Fenerbahçe followers had actually slammed the Turkish federal government of President Recap Tail Erdoğan in speech choirs and also inquired to resign.
Followers of the city rival Besides additionally tuned critical chants at the weekend: Government, steps back, called fans of the 4th in the table.


After the earthquake disaster of February 6, there had actually lately been significantly objection of the Erdoğan federal government’s dilemma administration in Turkey.