Mika Build and Equipment Guide for Genshin Impact – Find the Best Gear for Your Character!

Many characters come to the player to create a team.
Each two benefits from their strengths and weaknesses, as well as particular Affinities with elements.
Mikey is one, with a unique build in GENSHIN IMPACT.
What are the equipment to favor, and what is its place in a team?
Summary Display
Weapon and artifacts, Mikey’s build
Character skills
How and with whom to play Mikey?
Deletion materials
Spell rolling
Total materials required for Mikey

Weapon and artifacts, Mikey’s build

Statistics priority
1. Reload Energy
2. Life
3. Critical rate
Critic damage
4. Attack
Failing to be able to play the light of the reaper, the lance of Famous is an excellent alternative.

Character skills

Lance of Favonius-Filage tile
Basic blow
Normal attack-continues 5 Darlene and spear strokes.


Charged attack-consumes endurance to load in a straight line and inflict damage.

Combo-43.3% / 41.5% / 54.5% / 27.6% + 27.6% / 70.9%
Charged attack-112.7%
Star frost whirlwind
Elementary skill
Use Paraclete to attack enemies and grants Leta Spent to all the characters of Require nearby, increasing their antique speed when deployed.
Simple support-draws an arrow of Reflux which pierces enemies and inflicts their Cry damage to them.
Simple support-rocking in targeted mode to pull a frosty tag on a locked enemy, inflicting cry damage.
After touching, the Givretoile Sen vole tag before Explore, which projects bursts on a maximum of 3 other close enemies.
Reflux arrow damage-67.2%
Givretoile tag damage-84%
Givretoile radiance damage-25.2%
Antique speed bonus-13%
Spirit duration-12 seconds
Recharge time-15 seconds
Celestial feather song
Elementary outburst
Find the strength to dental its teammates from the prayers of the Famous Order.
This restores the PVS of all the characters of Require nearby and grants them Leta Plume Deletion.
Plume Dalérion-When Antique normal from a deployed character touches an enemy, Mikey restores the latter’s PV.
The characters affected by this type of retainer cannot restore their PV in this way that once every 2.5 seconds.
Care-12.2% of PV max.
+ 1,172 PV
Deletion feather care-2.4% of PV max.
+ 233 PV
Duration-15 seconds
Recharge time-18 seconds
Cost-70 energy

How and who to play Mikey with?

Despite its obvious forces as a support, Mikey remains very situational to play in human impact regardless of his build.
His recharge times and the cost of his celestial pen song are a little too high to make him overpower.
However, it still offers an excellent boost of damage to physical attacks, in addition to doc troy an effective treatment in all situations.

Materials Deletion

Materials Humiliating spells

Total materials necessary for Mikey



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